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social media traffic
I created a new web site based on fashion trends and clothing.
my main aim was to make some quick bugs as the site grows.
The site has been made from quite a time but i have not find  good traffic.
 i have a good social media following and i thought it can help me promote my site
what is the best way to increase social media traffic to my site.
any help shall be real kind
Have you considered using social media monitoring? Basing on my own experience, I can surely say, that it can be really effective when it comes to lead generation. It helps to find, reach out to and engage with people on social media, who search for or are interested in the product or service you offer.
I can’t guarantee that it will be equally successful in generating leads and sales for all industries out there, but it can’t hurt to try, right?
Here are a couple of my recommendations on how to generate leads with the help of a social media monitoring tool like Brand24, for example:
  • Monitor the right keywords and hashtags.
    Think about keywords and hashtags that are directly connected to your industry, type of product, solution, or service you offer. Basically, ask yourself what exactly can people do with your product and monitor its functions and features. It will help you find potential customers looking for a solution.
  • Keep track of certain phrases.
    Monitor phrases like “can anyone recommend”, “where can I buy”, “I am looking for” in the search for people on social media who ask for recommendations. You can easily reach out to them and offer your product or solution.
    These phrases were used over 190 thousand times just on Twitter, in the last 30 days. You can filter them afterwards and adjust the results to your type of product or service. Here are the examples:
[Image: main-qimg-41a3b7a8565873d8d7859cc794e077d4]
[Image: main-qimg-5f7a05aef6f2494067398f7279adcbb4]
[Image: main-qimg-d94ca0ac5ffcba46a442cdb08d583eb0]
  • Track mentions of your competitors.
    Keeping up with mentions of your competitors can give you loads of opportunities to engage with customers, who were ignored by them. As soon as you’ll see an unanswered mention, it’s your turn to take advantage of that, seize an initiative and reach out to this customer. Your help and engagement will surely be appreciated.
People constantly search for recommendations and publicly publish questions asking for help on social media. These social media posts are waiting out there for you to engage them, offer those potential customers suggestions or guidance and at the same time get yourself some leads.
I hope I helped!


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