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growing business through social media
i have started a restaurant in my city, opposite to a big hotel
i know it would be unrealistic to most of the customers coming to me
but things has been even worse, i have failed to bring small amounts of customers 
to the business that results in losses for me. I believe a good social media 
campaign can help me a-lot in bringing customers to the business.
what is the most effective way to grow my business using social media?
There are many ways in which you can grow your business using social media. the first step is to identify which social media is the best suited for your business.
It is important to understand that some businesses should not be on all social media.
Once you find the best social media for you, is time to focus on your content and your target audience. Who do you want to sell and how do you want to do it.
It is important to be patient and be active on your accounts. Growing without paying for ads could be difficult and takes time.
Create a posting calendar, so your social media will be updated for the next one to two months.
Interact with your audience. It is important to build a relationship with your customers, and being active and responsive in social media plays a big part in that relationship you want to achieve.
Give your audience relevant high-quality content. Offering ebooks, case studies and good articles on topics related to your business could help grow your audience.
Last but not least work on your branding. You want to grow your business so it is important to mark your identity as a brand and that should be consistent with your content and the message you send on all the social media platforms you are on.

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